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 Windancer All Time Mackinac Crew

Windancer has had an illustrious crew race aboard her for Chicago and Port Huron Mackinacs. Here is a list of that crew. Some of them are famous, some infamous and some are just regular Joels.

The Family    The Muskegon Connection    The Chicago Mob

Celebrities    From Around The World        The Unknown

The Family

John Nedeau Sr.

John is the oldest living member of the Chicago Mackinac Old Goat Sailing Society.   He has not missed a Mackinac in over 50 years.

Joanie Nedeau

She’s never actually sailed a Mackinac, but Joan has contributed to every one.  Joan coordinates the menu onboard Windancer.  Her Corn Noodle Casserole and Chicken Crunch are famous and something all returning crew look forward to on their next Mackinac.

John Nedeau Jr.

Nick Nedeau

Sam Nedeau

Tyler Nedeau

Harvey I. Nedeau Jr

Chris Nedeau

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The Muskegon Connection

Roger Anderson

John Andrie

Mike Ashendorf

Bill Baldridge

Tom Devoursney

Bruce Baty

Peter Blacklock

Matt Bombery

Dave Bowen

John Bowen

Pat Bowen

Jerry Derks

John Duplissis

Jim Key

Sandy Key

Mark Marchido

Becky Nelson

Fred Shorey

Ted Torgerson

David Kortering

John Rollins

Rob Tardani

Mark Tescari

Gordon Torreson

Brian Torreson

Jay Vander Wall

Joel Vander Wall

Bob Malenfont

Steve Shiller

Jeff Allen

Bruce Wathen

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The Chicago Mob

Drew Axelrod

David Cornus

Tom Dickelman

David Gustman

Chuck Hornewer

Don Kinney

Chris Oertel

Doug Peterson

Mark Querry

Flip Richards

Jeff Richards

Tim Richards

Joe Wright

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Sailing Celebrities

Rob Ball

Owen Torrey

Jack Wildemuth

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From Around The World

Vern Bowling

Steve Chaffee

Bob Denhurder

Paul Eggert

Farley Fontenot

Eric Hood

Steve Lovendahl

Earl Lyden

Jim Lyden

Charlie Megan

Neil Millane

Carl Peterson

Bob Royer

Stuart Royer

Jesse Smith

Jim Smith

Eric Sawyer

Chris Thorton

Midge Verplank

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The Unknown Sailors

Danny Klean

Kathy Cotong

Mike (englishguy)

Tim (guy afraid of the rain)

Jim Haft

Jerry Mayfield

Bob Herrin

Dimon Ford

Bill Pratt

Omar the Asshole

Jeff Spalding

Brad Fredrickson

Tom Donahoe

Kevin (port huronkid)

Gene McKinney

Tim McGowen

Bobby Joe someone

Ray Banca

Pete the virgin

Alan the Australian

Joe Schandorff

Bob Fitzsmonse

Gary Hagen

Pat (little guy from North)

Micky Schendorf

Dave Delcorn

Tim French

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