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29-30 Commodore's Cup - Holland



11-13 Chicago Nood


18-20 GL70s Regatta - Chicago



23 Tripp Memorial


25 Queen's Cup



10 Chicago - Mackinac



17 Port Huron - Mackinac



22-23 Bay Harbor



13-15 Verve Cup


4-5 Governors Cup


11 Anchorage Cup



Race Log


Commodores Cup

Light winds and flat seas provided the ideal conditions for testing the enhancements made to Windancer over the winter.  The SC70 Pied Piper (South) under charter by the Windigo group and a couple of 1D35s provided the competition.  The results were stellar!  Windancer placed first in 4 of 4 races including being first to finish in 3 of 4.

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Chicago Nood

All the hard work over the winter has paid off.  Windancer took a third in the Chicago Nood series.  Her finishes included a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th.  Here is a link to more information on the Chicago Noods

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GL70s Regatta - Chicago

Due to damage suffered as a result of the lightning strike at the Chicago Noods, Windancer did not race in this series.

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Tripp Memorial

Southwesterly winds proved favorable for Windancer.  She streaked across Lake Michigan to be both first to finish and 1st place on corrected time.

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Queen's Cup

Steady light breezes from the North made the 1999 Queens Cup and easy close reach for Windancer.  Here is a link to more information on the Queens Cup

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Chicago Mackinac

Winds over 25 miles per hour and 6-8 foot seas made for a rough start to the 1999 Chicago-Mackinac.  After the wind died down, it swung around to the Southwest and the remainder of the race was sailed in light breezes with predominately pole on the headstay reaching.  Windancer worked her way up the lake in good fashion, but the remainder of the fleet had made too much progress in the heavy beating to catch up.  Here is a link to more information on the 1999 Chicago-Mackinac race.

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Port Huron Mackinac

Windancer takes 1st place in IMS at the Port Huron Mackinac!!!

The 75th  Bayview Port Huron-Mackinac race started off with a bang as a squall moved through the starting area during the IMS start.  The squall left the fleet with one less participant as the yacht Cynosure was dismasted less than 15 minutes into the race.  From there, the race was predominately upwind work in a variety of conditions.   The Windancer crew went through countless sail changes and adjustments to keep the boat in the competition and in the end the hard work paid off  Windancer kept close contact with the rest of the IMS fleet and finished with the best corrected time of any boat in the fleet.  This gave Windancer both the IMS and Great Lake 70s class wins for the 1999 Port Huron Mackinac Click here for more detailed race results on the 1999 Bayview Port Huron Mackinac.

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Bay Harbor

Following the Port Huron-Mackinac, the GL 70s fleet moved to the Bay Harbor Yacht Club for two days of racing and relaxation.  While the surroundings were spectacular, Windancer's results were not.  The crew had some challenges getting back in race mode the first race and the second race saw heavier winds that did not favor the light crew on board.  Friday's racing was cancelled due to severe weather, so there was no opportunity to improve on Thursday, so Windancer was left with a 5th for the series.

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Verve Cup

Day 1 Results

Winds in the teens left the Windancer crew with the usual pre-race debate - #1 or #3?

Race 1 started with a log jam at the windward end of the line and Windancer doing a quick 360 to avoid t-boning the committee boat. After getting out of phase on the first beat, Windancer worked downwind with some snappy jibes. Race 1 ended with Windancer taking a 8th.

Race 2 saw the Windancer trying to redeem herself from the first race, but the conditions continued to not favor her. The highlight of the 1st upwind leg was a very close pass (1 foot) to a powerboat with a couple who were otherwise engaged. Sailboatus Interruptus!

In other Verve Cup news... The Farr 40 fleet is being lead by Flash Gordon, and Phish Food. The 1D35 leaders are Smiling Bulldog and Roxanne.

Congratulations to Pied Piper who locked up the Great Lakes 70s summer series with todays results. Windancer is tied for third with Not Pied Piper. Sundays two races will decide the final two places.

Day 2 Results

30 Knot Winds and 12 foot seas from the north resulted in a lay day for the Verve Cup. The Windancer crew retired to Chez Flippee's Home for Wayward Sailors for Chicago style pizza and beer. The keg now fits in the fridge with a tap in the door.... What more could you ask for on a lay day?

Day 3 Results

 Day 3 dawned with more favorable conditions for sailboat racing.  Light winds looked to allow Windancer to redeem herself for Saturday's performance.   However, boatspeed remained a problem in the first race.  Sam Nedeau, Windancer's tireless tactician vowed that now stone would go unturned in solving the boatspeed mystery (obvously,it wasn't his tactics).  Sam went over the side to turn over some stones and discovered that the prop was not feathering properly.  With the prop properly feathered, Windancer returned to form and logged a second in the final race.    Alas, this was not enough to hold on to third place in the GL70s series for 1999.  Congratulations to Not Pied Piper / Blondie for their admirable performance.

On a final note, the crew of Chance decided that this author needed a bath after Sunday's racing and pulled away from the dock so fast that I was left with the choice of swimming to Chicago or walking from Sheboygan.  The swim was much shorter.  They best not appear at a Whirly Ball court next year or revenge will be mine!

For final results on the 1999 Verve Cup, visit Chicago Yacht Club's Verve Cup Results Page

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Governor's Cup

50 boats sailed from Muskegon Harbor to contest the annual Governor's Cup.  On day one, conditions were extremely light and only one race was sailed.  A late shift and velocity drop right before the start made Windancer and the rest of the fleet late for the start.  Conditions remained late throughout the race.  Windancer was able to get out and front and "drop the curtain" on the ret of the fleet to be first to finish and first on corrected time.  Day 2 saw better conditions with two races sailed.  Windancer struggled with boatspeed all day, apparently due to problems with the feathering propellor.  In the end, Windancer finished fifth for the series.   For complete results on the 1999 Governor's cup go to Torresen Marine's race results site

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Anchorage Cup

The 1999 Anchorage Cup was sailed in very light conditions.  Conditions were so light, the course was shortened to finish at Port Sheldon.  Windancer decided to look for wind out in the lake, but it turned out that the boats closest to shore found the best pressure.  Windancer finished fifth in her class on corrected time.  For complete results, visit the Anchorage Cup web site.